Photosession to remember!

Today we went out in the wilderness in the middle of nowhere up north of Sweden. Far from people and houses. In the middle of nowhere we found a derelict house with the most beautiful wild flower medow. Grabbig all the gear out from the car, dresses, jewerly… You get it! All the gear ready for a big long photo session. Normally I am quite shy and dont like to show to much of my private self, but on our own in the forest I get dressed hiding behind the car getting ready. Quite relaxed if you know what I mean. Without holding your breath and holding your tummy in….. I am hiding behind flowers, laying down in variouse positions all for the benefit of an artistic photo. All done and dusted two cars appear from nowhere and asking what we are doing. They have been alarmed that there is some one trespassing on the land we were having a photosession on and that we have been caught on a game camera!!! A camera has been put up to film the wild life such bears and elks. An alarm 1000 km away and someone must have seen everything! The most fun part must be that my lingerie was skin coloured which must show like I am naked on the video. It made me laugh all the way back home! You are never safe and private 🙂