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The visual artist

When I need to be on my own and reload my energy I often paint. To spend time on my own in the studio, listening to music and slipping away to the land of colours and form is very fulfilling. Living in the north of Sweden, in the mountain- and ski resort Åre, there is a large variation of weather and sceneries that comes with it. Many of my paintings reflect the magic northern lights, crisp cold winter days with frost, snow and frozen lakes.

“Living in the land of midnight sun and dark winter days I believe gives a contrast to life which inspires me to be creative in both art and music.”

The love for form and colour has always followed me throughout my life as I have been brought up in an outdoor life style. As a child I lived by the sea and later years in the mountains. Being surrounded by nature one realize the beauty of purity.

I painted a lot as a child and in my youth but it wasn’t until my year during a foundation course in art- and design at Newark College, England, I decided to take a Ba Honors degree in Design Studies at Nottingham Trent University. During these four years it gave me the understanding of the impact of forms and colours has on us all.

It is not until I opened my heart and soul for music again after many years in the academic- and business world my adventure started with paints and canvases. I believe many of us have an urge to express ourselves and I believe we all can find a way to express that if we let go of fear of failing, take the time and stop comparing ourselves with others.