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Today we went out in the wilderness in the middle of nowhere up north of Sweden. Far from people and houses. In the middle of nowhere we found a derelict house with the most beautiful wild flower medow. Grabbig all the gear out from the car, dresses, jewerly

I remember sittning in the vintage blue velvet armchair at my parents house. I was only 13 and the world of music had just opened up. I sat in the darkness with head phones on listening to the only few record my parents owned. It was either classical music or Glenn Miller. As a young teenager during the 80's listening to jazz was, I suppose, not so

I often reflect over my life choices and I am happy to be where I am today. We meet people that lift us, tear us down, dissapoint us, gives us joy, gives us love

Life takes mysterious ways we can't control all the time. I am travelling down memory lane this week. Going back to visit places I have lived at and people I have met through out my years. I am so grateful for all my friends I have around me, old ones and new ones. Friends matter and should be looked after. We all have periods in life when