This summer I was back in Newark, a beautiful English market town, that formed me to be a responsible grown up and thought me how to run a business 24/7. Living above the pub and restaurant that you run is far from a life of freedoom. All your time surrounded by staff, deliveres and customers becomes a lifestyle. For seven years I lived this lifestyle and often dreamt about a “normal” lifestyle where time off meant time off and working only a set number of hours. What lifestyle we choose to live is not always by choice but with the years one do become more certain of what you want out of life.Experiences, good or bad, is never time lost. It teaches us what we need at that given time.After twenty years I returned to my english home town with my art. Hosting a solo exhibiton at a fine art gallery and the local paper wrote a lovely article about me. These printed words made me realize all the time I have been given and all the oppurtunities in life I choosed.An article with a reporters view and well selected words can make a difference….