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Author: annithorn

Today we went out in the wilderness in the middle of nowhere up north of Sweden. Far from people and houses. In the middle of nowhere we found a derelict house with the most beautiful wild flower medow. Grabbig all the gear out from the car, dresses, jewerly

I remember sittning in the vintage blue velvet armchair at my parents house. I was only 13 and the world of music had just opened up. I sat in the darkness with head phones on listening to the only few record my parents owned. It was either classical music or Glenn Miller. As a young teenager during the 80's listening to jazz was, I suppose, not so common. But it

I often reflect over my life choices and I am happy to be where I am today. We meet people that lift us, tear us down, dissapoint us, gives us joy, gives us love

Life takes mysterious ways we can't control all the time. I am travelling down memory lane this week. Going back to visit places I have lived at and people I have met through out my years. I am so grateful for all my friends I have around me, old ones and new ones. Friends matter and should be looked after. We all have periods in life when time is not

The sun is still up at 2 am and I can't sleep. I often lay in bed writing poems or lyrics in my head when I can't fall asleep. The poems/lyrics often reflect happenings through out the preciouse day or matters that has made me sad or happy. Tonight I have been reflecting on what is going on in the world, how peoples actions often springs from fear. Fear of

My life has changed during the last couple of years. From teaching business economics at university to be a full time artist is a gift. To have the possibility to express my creativity on canvas brings joy to me and my buyers. Today I am back from Örebro where I have delivered 20 paintings for an up coming exhibiton.  

This summer I was back in Newark, a beautiful English market town, that formed me to be a responsible grown up and thought me how to run a business 24/7. Living above the pub and restaurant that you run is far from a life of freedoom. All your time surrounded by staff, deliveres and customers becomes a lifestyle. For seven years I lived this lifestyle and often dreamt about a

As you get older one realize how fast the years go by. To see your children reach adulthood you can hardly remember the childhood years. You look at yourself in the mirror and you start to see all the flaws. On social media and any other media everyone is so good looking with a perfect smile, no wrikles and a jaw line that is perfect. To see people putting themselves